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1. Company may engage, from time to time, the musical, vocal and/or engineering services of Musician to perform on recording sessions arranged by Company for its clients for which Company receives a fee. The Musician agrees that all recordings, musical compositions and any derivatives thereof (collectively referred to as the “Works”) created in whole or in part at the recording session(s) are deemed works made for hire as commissioned works (contributions to a collective work). If, however, any Works are legally determined not to be works made for hire, Musician assigns to Company's client all rights in and to such Works, including without limitation, the copyrights.

2. Company shall have the unrestricted right to manufacture, advertise, sell, lease, license, distribute and otherwise exploit the Works and to authorize others to do so or refrain from doing so, whether by means of records, videos, DVDs, films, free or pay television or any other means now or hereafter in existence.

3. Company shall have the right to use Musician’s name, likeness, and biographical material. Company shall have the right to authorize others to use Musician's name in connection with the exploitation of the Works.

4. Company acknowledges it is a signatory to AFM and AFTRA and agrees to abide by their collective bargaining agreement when applicable. The compensation paid to the Musician is full and complete payment for his/her services hereunder and for all of Musician's rights in and to the Works. In the event of any reuse or exploitation of the Works, additional compensation may be due the Musician if required by the unions. Any reporting requirements for reuse or other exploitation of the Works is the sole responsibility of Company's client. Company may not be held liable or responsible for collection, payment, or accounting of any such reuse.

5. The parties acknowledge Musician is an independent contractor and therefore accepts responsibility for payment of local, federal and/or state taxes, if any. The Company does not determine the time or location of where the recording takes place; does not provide the equipment necessary for the Musician to perform the services; and Musician can accept or reject the offer to utilize his/her services. Musician agrees to provide Company with a completed IRS form W-9.

6. Musician understands that Company, through its client, has engaged Musician's recording services and Musician agrees not to negotiate directly with Company's client(s) for the purpose of employment or avoiding payment of Company's fee by client. Musician further understands and agrees that Company will screen its clients' material to determine if in its opinion, the material would be acceptable for the Musician to participate in the recording session.

7. Musician warrants and represents that he/she has the right to enter into this Agreement and is under no disability or restriction which will prevent him/her from granting the rights specified hereunder and performing all the obligations hereunder in a timely fashion.




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