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Rocco Prestia, Bass

Performed or Recorded With:

Tower of Power


Featured Artist:

Rocco Prestia, Bass

Francis Rocco Prestia came to initial prominence during the mid to late sixties as the sonic knockout punch behind the 10 piece soul funk horn band TOWER OF POWER.

Up until Rocco kicked the door down, the role of the bass as an instrument and, more personally, the role of the bassist as a musician, was to musically do little more than to unobtrusively hold down the root of the composition. Then, seemingly out of no where (which was actually Oakland, California), came a young thunderous player who was obviously unaware of any rules or boundaries regarding his instrument or his predisposed role in a band. His aggressive approach, rapid fire 16th note percussive attack combined with a unique technique of ghosting and muting various notes would forever emancipate the potential of the bass as an instrument and the creative license of those who would come to play it.

Throughout Rocco's 30 plus years of playing, he has almost exclusively confined his creative explorations to the inner workings of his band Tower of Power. He has performed on other records and has occasionally toured with other artists. But to effectively experience samplings of how Rocco Prestia has influenced the rock, jazz, soul, funk, blues and Hip Hop applications of bass guitar, one needs to go no further than listening to his solo CD, Everybody on the Bus" or to any of a dozen existing Tower of Power albums.

GRocco continues to maintain his membership in Tower of Power. While the group records for SONY 550, it also averages between 150-200 concerts a year with performances taking place in just about every corner of the globe.

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