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Chad Wackerman, Drums

Performed or Recorded With:

Frank Zappa
Allan Holdsworth
Men At Work
James Taylor
Barbra Streisand
Steve Vai
Albert Lee
Colin Hay
Bill Bruford
Ed Mann
Makoto Saitoh
Michael Villmo
Andy Summers
Bill Watrous
Bunny Brunel
Dweezil Zappa
Banned From Utopia
Tom Grant
Joe Sample
Louie Shelton
Adam Brand
Vinnie Colaiuta
Napoleon Murphy Brock
Denny Walley
Ray White
Jim Cox
Roy Estrada
Terry Bozzio
Bob Harris
The World Drummers Ensemble
Luis Conte
Dou Dou Ndiaye Rose
The Chad Wackerman Group:
Leon Gaer
Daryl Pratt
James Muller

Featured Artist:

Chad Wackerman, Drums

One of the most skilled drummers in all of rock and modern jazz is Chad Wackerman. He began his career playing with trombonist Bill Watrous, before landing a spot with Frank Zappa, that quickly placed Wackerman among the elite of modern drummers. Wackerman toured the world with Zappa, and appeared on countless albums, including such acclaimed latter day releases as 1981's You Are What You Is, 1986's Jazz from Hell, 1988's Broadway the Hard Way, plus such multi-volume releases as the London Symphony Recordings and You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore.

Additionally, Wackerman has recorded a series of albums with guitarist Allan Holdsworth, plus session work with such varied artists as Steve Vai, Andy Summers, Men At Work, Ed Mann, Albert Lee, Colin Hay, Dweezil Zappa, Tom Grant, and even Barbra Streisand. But Wackerman has also toured the world accompanying a myriad of artists including James Taylor.

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