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AJ Croce, Keyboards

Performed or Recorded With:

Aretha Franklin
James Brown
Willie Nelson
Dave Mathews
Ben Harper
Lyle Lovett
Rod Stewart,
B.B. King
Pinetop Perkins
Honeyboy Edwards
John Fahey
John Mayall
Buddy Guy
Lenny Kravitz
Bruce Hornsby
Toni Braxton
David Garza
Steve Poltz
Ray Charles

Featured Artist:

AJ Croce, Keyboards

Adrian James became A.J. as a young man in order to combine his two first names into one, making room for his new middle name: Adventure. From his days living in a London flat & playing local pubs to his climbing the Himalayas in 1987 & the Oldavai Gorge in 1989 (where he became interested in early man as an early man); from his performance before Czech president Vaclav Havel in Boston, with whom he exited through the kitchen of the theatre singing harmonies to Bob Dylan tunes, to his monkey levitation experiments in the Far East in the 1990s, A.J. has never stopped seeking new joys and possibilities for filling his life with life.

A.J.'s recordings have traveled even further than he has, having been launched into the far reaches of our galaxy on two space shuttle missions.

Some of the artists with whom he has performed and recorded include Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Santana, Willie Nelson, Dave Mathews, Ben Harper, Lyle Lovett, Rod Stewart, Morphine, B.B. King, Pinetop Perkins, Honeyboy Edwards, John Fahey, Gangstarr, John Mayall, Buddy Guy, Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Hornsby, Toni Braxton, David Garza, Fastball, Steve Poltz, and his childhood hero Ray Charles.

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