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Daren Klum, ABC/Disney

"If you are struggling to find the right sound then use the incredible network of musicians at SessionPlayers.com. 

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F A Q's



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What type of mp3 is required?

No specific type. Your music saved as an mp3 audio file is what we ask for review. It is a unified file format that will open in any player.

What if you have lyric only?

We specifically involve ourselves in finished compositions. Our players are here to record your music and we do not involve ourselves in the writing process.

What if you have a demo complete with a full rhythm section via "pro
tools", but you want to add live players or what if you have a complete music track which you love & are happy with, & all you need are vocals?

This is what we do. Any overdub or basic tracks that you want to add to your existing material can be done at Sessionplayers.com

Are rates charged per 3 hr session or per song? What about say a 6 or 7 piece horn Section booking? Engineers Mixing and Mastering ?

Our service works with all of your needs in mind. Our musicians/engineers each provide us with their rates. In most cases we are able to book your session per song or per session. A day rate is also available in some cases.

What recording format will it be?

Our service specializes in sessions done in digital format. This is what allows us to collaborate in this way.

Which type of studio will it be Analog Console or Digital Console?

Each studio will have it's particular gear. You will be able to inspect a list of gear for each individual you wish to use. These details are confirmed to your satisfaction before any sessions are booked.

Keep in mind that we do not succeed unless you are a happy customer. As a professional you will be able to control your session just as you would in your own studio. You choose from our roster of world class talent. You choose what format (aiff,SDII,Wav,etc) Sample Rate,Bit Rate and You produce the session.

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